Infrared Sauna Therapy

Benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Our skin is the largest organ system of the human body, and sweating can be one the most powerful means of detoxifying and eliminating toxins. Infrared spectrum light has the ability to create heat that easily penetrates human tissue. With the use of full spectrum of infrared heat, near, mid and far infrared, we are able to customize the needs of your body to obtain desired wellness goals. With the help and expertise of your Reflexion specialists, full spectrum sauna sessions can be scheduled to fit your needs.

Detoxification: Sweating is the safest and most efficient way for our bodies to promote healing and obtain health. Far infrared waves penetrate deep in our body’s tissues, leading to a slow comfortable rise in our core temperatures, and assisting our natural metabolism of fats and release stored toxins at the cellular level. Since most of our bodies toxins are stored and trapped in fat tissue.

Weight loss: While enjoying a relaxing session in our sauna, you can help to reduce your stress levels to re-engage your mind-body connection. Full spectrum sauna sessions will gently increase your body’s metabolism, which can burn nearly thousands of calories per session in a personalized environment. When you enjoy a full spectrum infrared sauna session, you will notice an increase in your heart rate, to levels that are considered to productive for our cardiovascular system. Similar to exercise, your body will continue to metabolize fat tissue long after you have completed one single session.

Injury Management: Far infrared heat will assist in relaxation and repair of damaged tissues, muscles and joints from minor aches to major injuries, whether acute or chronic in nature. As your tissues are heated during RelfeXion’s sauna sessions, improved blood flow helps our natural factors repair and relax minor muscle aches or pains to assist in the healing process. This therapy can be beneficial for sports injuries, minor accidents or major trauma that has caused limitations to normal daily function.

Blood Pressure and Circulatory system: Heat from our Far Infrared Sauna at Reflexion, will help improve blood flow throughout your entire body, similarly to what is seen while under cardiovascular exercise. By nearly doubling your blood flow into muscles and deep tissues within our body, we experience similar benefits that studies have shown our bodies achieve with exercise, all during a relaxed state.

Regenerative Effects: Improved oxygenation from increased blood flow during your session naturally rejuvenates your skin, removes harmful toxins, stimulates your immune system and helps repair over healthy cell function. Over a period of regular sauna use, one will notice significant skin improvements, including enhanced skin tone, reduction of wrinkles, firmness, softness and repaired elasticity, can all be achieved to support a younger looking and feeling RefleXion.